For three days between August 15 and 17 of 2018, the annual Oxford Group Corporate Directors' Seminar took place in Riga. During the seminar management discussed the future and development of the Oxford Group companies, strategic directions, technical support systems and company values.

The Director’s Workshop discusses current and planned projects, financial indicators and staff engagement.

Each year, the Directors’ Workshop provides a thematic introduction to the All-Corporate Employee Strategic Seminar, during which employees are introduced to the sustainability indicators of enterprises. Also during the seminar, all employees have the opportunity to engage in training activities and share experiences. This year’s Strategic Seminar will take place in Spain from August 30 to September 1.

Photo (from left): Arttu Vainio (CEO, OR Finland), Aivars Timofejevs (CEO, OR Baltics), Kim Hannemann Møller (CEO, Oxford Group), Jakob Stoumann (CEO, OR Denmark), Ditte Vigsø (Partner, Oxford Insight), Rune Stiberg-Jamt (CEO, OR Norway), Ylva Grauers Berggren (CEO, OR Sweden)