Knowledge for a better society

Oxford Research Baltics founded in Latvia in 2015 is a part of the Oxford Group – a group of international research companies established in Denmark in 1995. The group has a network of offices in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland and Latvia.

The area of expertise of Oxford Research Baltics is business and regional development, research within the public field, development evaluation of the European Union, knowledge development and innovation, etc. We offer variety of research types that combine academic depth and strategic vision, with a value of practical use as an end result.

The knowledge and experience accumulated over the course of 20 years allows us to provide our clients with valuable advice and support. We help our clients with knowledge and information to make better decisions that will ensure higher competitiveness and sustainable growth in the future.

Our slogan “Knowledge for a better society” is embodied in the creation new knowledge about processes that are important for society and their development tendencies.


Oxford Research is continuously looking for talented and committed new people, at all levels, who want to work with our focus areas and who share our values.

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Oxford Research Baltics, SIA
Kr. Valdemara street 23-37, k.2 Riga, LV-1010, Latvia