Evaluation of the content, accessibility and impact on social exclusion of community- based social services for pre-retirement and retirement-age persons and persons with mental disorders

This research aims to assess the content, provision, and accessibility of community-based social services for persons with mental disorders, persons with multiple disabilities, and persons 55+ and the impact these community-based social services have on the quality of life. Research tasks include the assessment of accessibility, adequacy, demand, quality, and unmet needs of previously mentioned target groups that receive community-based social services. The research design also includes the assessment of the effectiveness of quality-of-life measurement tools in determining the impact of policy on the target groups and measuring the adequacy of the support intensity scale for further use in Latvia. The research design also covers informal carers (families, relatives), and the necessary support activities to prevent their exclusion from the labour market and society. Based on the results of the assessment, researchers provide recommendations for improving community-based social services and their sustainability in Latvia.